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This is the What's New page... still under construction!

Thanks for dropping by! These pages are currently under some MAJOR construction, so, please, pardon my mess and check back again soon to see what has changed!
Soon, on this site, you will be able to find information about ResQdog51, Search and Rescue Dogs (focusing on Disaster Search), the musical CATS, as well as all of ResQdog51's fiction, poetry, and other creative efforts.

November 1, 2003 -- K... been forever and forever again since I worked on this site, but I did it! Added a few new pages. Added in "Unplugged" on the Writing Page, added in a page for the NaNoWriMo project I'm going to give it a shot at, added in a page for the Censor the Tattoo thing because the original page/link has vanished on me. And I do have plans to keep building... I just need the time! Also, I have a Live Journal now, if you'd like to visit it!

January 19, 2002 -- Found an issue I wanted to raise. Guys... forgive me if I jump on a soapbox, but this makes me sort of mad.... Ok, I admit it. I've seen the new movie "Lord of the Rings: The Fellowship of the Ring" entirely too many times. Yes... I'm a BIG FAN. I thought they did a really REALLY good job! I am totally in awe of the effort and devotion and just plain Hard Work that ALL of the people of the cast and film crew did to bring this EPIC adventure to use. Tolkien is the FIRST and the BEST, even if sometimes I don't get his writing style like maybe I should, and maybe I find him a little wordy at times... but he was the FIRST. And anyone who has EVER read him cannot help but be influenced.

This includes the cast members of the movie. These cast members found this particular movie to be a very great undertaking and journey for them.... and I don't blame them. And to mark this great journey, they did something special... and swore to keep it a secret. Just for them. Ok. Just about everyone in the world now knows about the 'secret' tattoos. This stinks. I've found a lovely site that I'd like to promote to you about this... go here -- The Bag-End Inn -- Censor the Tattoo ... and lets be COURTEOUS Fans about all this, alright? I really, really think it stinks that FANS would do this to these people... How would YOU feel?!?

January 18, 2002 -- Ok... so.. its been forever and day since I've actually WORKED on here. Having my computer stolen didn't help, neither did having to use my Roommate's Mac instead. But... i wrote a fic I just HAD to put up, so I have muddled my way thru here to get it up. Still can't fix the Netscape problem... have decided that life is tough on those with Netscape, sorry folks. So far as I can find, its a open definition in the HTML of the banner ads and I just cannot afford to pay the money, little tho it is, to not have banners on this site right now, being as the site is just for fun and I have a life to life, bills to pay... like the new computer I just bought! SO! I hope to have some REAL updates coming soon... all I gotta do is figure out how to network my computer thru the roomies connection! Hope you like the LotR fic I posted (called "I Follow"). The movie was TOTALLY AWESOME!

August 19, 2000 -- Found an old notebook of poems! Decided to add a few.... hope you like them! Added: Fire Dance, The Right Hand, and The Choice.

August 18, 2000 -- Ok... so.. I didn't figure out why Netscape won't work. Thought I found a fix, but I lied. Sorry. Added a couple new fics under the Pern section of the writing page and went through and changed all the 'fixed' pages BACK to the way they were before... I think the email is fixed now, too. You can try to reach me, if so inclined, at resqdog51@resqdog51.iwarp.com and if that bounces back, try the hotmail account listed in August 12th's note.

August 14, 2000 -- Finally figured out why the Netscape thing wasn't working! Fixed it. (I think.) And yeah, it was something incredibly simple... I feel like an idiot! *grin*

August 12, 2000 -- Added a new story to the writing page! Trying to figure out what on earth is wrong with the HTML that the text won't show on Netscape... its got to be something heartbreakingly simple.....Hmm. I'll keep working on it! Not sure if email is working right... you can reach me at resqdog51@hotmail.com for now. Hopefully I can get the mail fixed soon.

August 9, 2000 -- Added the What's New page! Also put in a 'writing page' with my Master Apprentice fic "Open Mic Night at the Starbucks at the End of the Universe". Its in two places now, on the About page and on the Writing page. Changed the background on the About page to the galaxy one and changed this background to this eyewatering twinkle! I felt it was more apropriate.

Last Updated January 18, 2002 resqdog51@resqdog51.iwarp.com