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This is the Writing page... still under construction!

Thanks for dropping by! These pages are currently under some MAJOR construction, so, please, pardon my mess and check back again soon to see what has changed!
Soon, on this site, you will be able to find information about ResQdog51, Search and Rescue Dogs (focusing on Disaster Search), the musical CATS, as well as all of ResQdog51's fiction, poetry, and other creative efforts. At this time, however, there are very few active links. Hopefully that will be changed very soon. This page will contain links to my fictions and poems for all my writing efforts.
Here are my links, so far --


I Follow  -- "I Follow" -- Everyone wonders why Sam follows Frodo....perhaps these are Sam's thoughts.

A side note. Ok. Just about everyone in the world now knows about the 'secret' tattoos. This stinks. I've found a lovely site that I'd like to promote to you about this... go here The Bag-End Inn -- Censor the Tattoo ... and lets be COURTEOUS Fans about all this, alright?


Open Mic Night  -- "Open Mic Night at the Starbucks at the End of the Universe" -- A silly fic for the Master Apprentice Star Wars fan fiction list, in response to a challenge. See how many of the references YOU can get before you get to the listing at the bottom!

UnPlugged  -- "Starbucks at the End of the Universe UnPlugged" -- A silly fic for the Master Apprentice Star Wars fan fiction list. A sequel to "Open Mic Night", at the request of several members. See how many of the references YOU can get THIS time!


Impression  -- "Impression" -- The introductory story for my greenrider character to Telgar Weyr. This is how Riki, a herder's daughter, got to be a dragonrider.

Turnsend  -- "What is Turnsend?" -- A conversation between a dragonrider and her dragon. How do you explain New Year's to someone who has no concept of time?

That Word  -- "That Word" -- A story I wrote for Telgar Weyr, a Pern-based fan club. This is about a search dog searching for survivors after a volcanic eruption.


The Choice  -- "The Choice" -- A poem from a Herald's POV, wondering about a Companion's Choice.

Apple Tarts  -- "Apple Tarts" -- A short fic I wrote to prove I could still write short ones. This one is about the Dispensing of an Age Old Wisdom. Kinda cute.


Who Am I  -- "Who Am I" -- A poem about being labeled inappropriately. I'm sure everyone can think of a time when they felt this way....

Fire Dance  -- "Fire Dance" -- A poem I wrote almost ten years ago. I was trying for something... primal. I think it worked.

The Right Hand  -- "The Right Hand" -- Another poem from college. War Symbolism.

NaNoWriMo 2003

Novel  -- "That Novel I Promised Mark" -- When I worked at BN, I promised some of my co-workers that I would write a romance novel. I thought I'd give it a shot in this year's NaNoWriMo

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